From Senior Class President to MaMelissa

The Dallas Morning News ran a very nice profile of Melissa Beiriger Hill and her family for Mother’s Day. Yet they failed to mention that our esteemed Senior Class President is busy preparing for our 20th Reunion.

The journey of Melissa Hill from an upscale suburban life to a struggling area of West Dallas with a multiracial family – she is white, the Jones brothers are black – is not one that she expected. It’s also one she doesn’t regret.

“I look at different directions our lives could have gone that would have been easier,” Melissa says, sitting by Trey at their kitchen table. “We were in Lake Highlands, where I knew all the neighbors and my kids could play outside. We could have volunteered here and there a little bit.”

“Here so many things are not comfortable. And yet here I’ve found my greatest joy. You find there’s so much more to life than the little life you had in mind. … In pouring out your life, you benefit.”

Melissa and Trey are quite a story. Thanks for shining a light for Christ in West Dallas (and beyond). They can even help you repair your washing machine!