Reformation Day 2013

Reformation Day is a celebration of God’s saving work. It is the recovery of the great truths of Scripture: Justification (being made right with God) by Faith alone, by Grace alone, through Christ alone, for the Glory of God alone. And our highest and final authority is Scripture alone.

95 Theses from Instagram

Links for Reformation Day 2013

Here I Stand

95 Theses from Instagram

A New 95

Lastly, Chris Rosebrough has posted A New 95 Theses: Challenging The Excesses Of American Evangelicalism that everyone should read:

Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, the public bulletin board of his day. In like manner, we post these 95 theses on the door of the internet. Like the original theses, these are debatable, for we believe that it is through vigorous debate that the spirits are tested and truth is revealed.

In publishing these theses, we do not intend to foment division, but to expose those who are creating division within the body of Christ. We invite all who love the Gospel of Jesus Christ to engage in this debate. We do so in the spirit of the great Reformer, Martin Luther, as we implore the mercies of God upon His Church, for the sake of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church and shepherd of our souls.

luther.jpgNotice: Images in my Instagram photos come from the 2003 movie Luther. I hope you enjoyed my tweets (@ecrosstexas) with quotes from the movie.

Luther and Marriage Series

Justin Taylor has a written a number of short articles on Martin Luther and marriage over at The Resurgence:

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor

For more on Luther and his marriage, see Taylor’s chapter “Martin Luther’s Reform of Marriage” in Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor available at Amazon and WTSBooks.

You can also get a free PDF of the whole book online from Desiring God and more resources from the 2004 National Conference: Sex and the Supremacy of Christ.

Free – Martin Luther Audiobook “In His Own Words”

Martin Luther In His Own Words

Another free Reformation Week resource, this time from christianaudio. Until October 31, 2010 download the free audiobook Martin Luther In His Own Words.

Most all Christians know the name Martin Luther. Less familiar, however, are his words. This compilation of many of Luther’s most important writings serves as an excellent introduction to those new to Luther. It also provides a fresh medium for people familiar with his writing.

Included in this volume is:

  • The Small Catechism
  • 95 Theses
  • On Faith and Coming to Christ
  • On Confession and the Lord’s Supper
  • Of the Office of Preaching
  • Excerpt from Luther’s Tower Experience
  • The Last Written Words of Luther

So download In His Own Words today!

Martin Luther’s Here I Stand – Free Download

Martin Luther's Here I Stand - Free Download

As part of Reformation Week The Listener’s Bible is giving away a free download Max McLean’s dramatic narration of Martin Luther’s Here I Stand speech.

In the late afternoon of April 18, 1521, in the city of Worms, Germany, Martin Luther, a 37 year-old Catholic monk was called to defend himself before Charles the Fifth, the Holy Roman Emperor. The speech he delivered that day, “Here I Stand,” marked the beginning of the Reformation, a critical turning point in Christian history, that decisively altered the spiritual map of the world.

In this recording, Max McLean introduces the events leading up to the Diet of Worms: Martin Luther’s prayer the night before he delivered his speech; Luther’s stirring defense; the Catholic church’s rebuttal; and, Luther’s final heartfelt response.

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. The Road to Reformation
  3. Luther’s Prayer
  4. Here I Stand
  5. Eck’s Response to Luther
  6. Luther’s Final Response
  7. Conclusion
  8. Sources and Closing Comment

It is yours free to download through Sunday, November 1st.