Stop this Health Care Reform

America is on the verge of changing forever. We must stop this attempt to hijack America.

If you are in favor of reforming health care, that’s fine. We can debate it, reach an agreement, and vote on it. BUT that is not what Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are trying to do. No, they are trying to force their plan down our throats without actually voting on the bill as required by our Constitution.

If they succeed, what is to stop them again from using these same tactics to handle immigration reform, gun legislation, religious freedoms, budgets, tax increases, you name it.

Join the fight.

The Truth about Pelosi’s Health Care Bill

Do you want to know the Truth about Pelosi’s Health Care Bill?

This bill is 1,900 pages folks. It is going to destroy America. The House Republicans want you to know what this bill is about and they are utilizing the web site to do so.

As House Republicans continue to battle Speaker Pelosi’s $1.3 trillion government takeover of health care, they’re using a new tool – – to engage the American people in a section-by-section dialogue scrutinizing all 1,990 pages of PelosiCare. Republicans hope the new site will provide the American people with an unfiltered online clearinghouse for emerging information about the Pelosi bill as Democrats attempt to bring the massive legislation to a vote. The idea is simple. As House Republicans pour pore through the Speaker’s health care monstrosity and uncover harmful provisions not being disclosed to the American people by the majority, Amplify allows House Republicans to clip specific portions and explain what they mean in plain English.

Learn for yourself what this bill is about and let Congress know this is not the health care reform Americans want!

Photo credits: Tribute to Senator Kennedy: Health Care Rally and Action Fair, originally uploaded by ProgressOhio.

400 Wal-Mart Clinics set to open

Reuters is reporting that Wal-Mart is set to open 400 in-store clinics:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said on Tuesday that it will contract with local hospitals and other organizations to open as many as 400 in-store health clinics in the next two to three years.

Should current market forces continue, the world’s largest retailer said up to 2,000 clinics could be in Wal-Mart stores over the next five to seven years.

I guess Wal-Mart is working to answer Business Week’s Mid-life crisis.