Race to Nowhere Screenings in Plano

Race to Nowhere

Spurred mostly by the Texas budget crunch, Shannon and I have been talking lately about some the changes needed education. Today I learned about the film/advocacy project Race to Nowhere.

Plano ISD and the Plano ISD Education Foundation are sponsoring two screenings in Plano on Monday, February 21. The screenings will take place at Williams High School and the other at Plano Senior High School at 7pm.

From the trailer, the film nails life in Plano. It will be interesting to see what kind of discussion comes out of the film here.

Review: Big Truths for Young Hearts

Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God

Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God

As I father of two young girls (ages 9 and 5) I have been trying to share the truth of God’s Word with them each day. Some days are more productive than others. All too often it seems my the lack of productivity is due to a lack of planning.

Bruce A. Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts was written to help parents teach theology to their children. In fact, the book flows from Ware’s experience in teaching his own daughters. His daughters Bethany and Rachel wrote the foreword to the book. It really challenged me, “Will Emma and Molly have the same positive reflection on my efforts and my life?”

In the book, Ware systematically tackles the truth of historic Christianity as presented in the Bible. He presents each topic in such a way that children can understand them working through the book a chapter-a-day. Starting with God’s self-revelation through beautiful flowers and the stars at night, Ware works through 10 major sections of theology. The sections include:

  1. God’s Word and God’s Own Life as God
  2. God as Three in One
  3. Creator and Ruler of All
  4. Our Human Nature and Our Sin
  5. Who Jesus Is
  6. The Work That Jesus Has Done
  7. The Holy Spirit
  8. Our Great Salvation
  9. The Church of Jesus Christ
  10. What Will Take Place in the End

On average each section covers 6 topics covering about 3 pages, each fully grounded in scripture. Each topic ends with 2 questions for review and a key scripture passage to remember.

Ware is able to present Biblical truth in an understandable way without watering-down the Word of God. He does not shy away from discussing topics such as penal substitutionary atonement, propitiation, or the heresy of modalism. Due to Ware’s faithful teaching, this book should serve adults as much as it does children. If you know anyone reading The Shack, get this book in their hands!

I really enjoyed Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God. I would encourage all adults to purchase this book and use it to teach the children in your life about the greatness of our God. I plan to begin working through the book with Emma in the coming days!

Order Big Truths for Young Hearts:

Additional reviews are available on Crossway.blog “Bruce Ware Brings the Seminary Classroom to the Home”

Children’s to open a Plano facility in February 2006

From DallasNews.com

Children’s Medical Center is coming northward. Construction of a new children’s hospital started here last month, and it’s expected to be completed in 2008.

But children needing specialized medical care could start seeing doctors across the street from the new Plano hospital site as soon as February.

Hospital officials decided not to wait for Children’s Medical Center Legacy to be completed to rent half of an office building, bringing their pediatric specialties to Collin County earlier than some had anticipated.