How Conservative/Liberal Are You?

Curious to see where your views fall along the political spectrum? Take this short quiz.

Curious to see where your views fall along the political spectrum?

My results?

You are 93% conservative and 7% liberal, you are Very Right Wing!

Your political views skew very right wing, so it should come as no surprise that you’ve probably voted Republican in the last couple elections. You believe in shrinking the size of government, eliminating entitlement programs, and maintaining a robust military. In regards to social issues, you may not agree with where the country is heading, but you voice your opposition nonetheless, exercising your constitutional-right to freedom-of-speech whenever necessary.

Now, how about you?

Desiring God Read-Along

Desiring God 25th Anniversary Edition softcover

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Beginning Thursday, March 31, 2011 from 12:00-1:00 PM (EST) John Piper will be hosting a series of five interactive roundtable discussions with the guys at Bethlehem College and Seminary based on his book Desiring God. And we’re live-streaming it on the web.

This is a great opportunity to reacquaint yourself with Desiring God, or to read it for the very first time (and with John Piper leading the discussion!).

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In anticipation of the first installment on Thursday Desiring God has posted Introducing Desiring God Chapters 1 & 2.

How did Texas finances go off the track?

There are a multitude of reasons why the State of Texas is in the midst of slashing budgets and laying off teachers. Wick Allison highlights texas welfare queens in April’s D Magazine.

Meanwhile, Texas homeowners continue to pay the third-highest property tax rates in the nation, based on median home value. And that is after the 2006 legislative reform intended to reduce them. (The new, revised, remodeled business franchise tax was supposed to bring in $6.4 billion in 2010. Instead, it totaled only $3.9 billion.) So Texas homeowners carry 39 percent of the tax burden of state government while some businesses—and entire industries—get off scot-free.

I’m all for business development and growth. I’m OK with the notion that government invectives may be required. I am not OK with our legislators not managing the store-house.

How can the forecasts be so far off? How can they give away so much that we can’t pay the bills? How can Texas spend more while cutting taxes? As Allison points out spending has only increased under Republicans by 36 percent. We need leadership and new thinking in Austin (and at city hall, the school offices, in Washington DC).

Read The Welfare Queens of Texas: Homeowners pay high taxes while some favored businesses pay none at all.