How Conservative/Liberal Are You?

Curious to see where your views fall along the political spectrum? Take this short quiz.

Curious to see where your views fall along the political spectrum?

My results?

You are 93% conservative and 7% liberal, you are Very Right Wing!

Your political views skew very right wing, so it should come as no surprise that you’ve probably voted Republican in the last couple elections. You believe in shrinking the size of government, eliminating entitlement programs, and maintaining a robust military. In regards to social issues, you may not agree with where the country is heading, but you voice your opposition nonetheless, exercising your constitutional-right to freedom-of-speech whenever necessary.

Now, how about you?

Race to Nowhere Screenings in Plano

Race to Nowhere

Spurred mostly by the Texas budget crunch, Shannon and I have been talking lately about some the changes needed education. Today I learned about the film/advocacy project Race to Nowhere.

Plano ISD and the Plano ISD Education Foundation are sponsoring two screenings in Plano on Monday, February 21. The screenings will take place at Williams High School and the other at Plano Senior High School at 7pm.

From the trailer, the film nails life in Plano. It will be interesting to see what kind of discussion comes out of the film here.

Stop this Health Care Reform

America is on the verge of changing forever. We must stop this attempt to hijack America.

If you are in favor of reforming health care, that’s fine. We can debate it, reach an agreement, and vote on it. BUT that is not what Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are trying to do. No, they are trying to force their plan down our throats without actually voting on the bill as required by our Constitution.

If they succeed, what is to stop them again from using these same tactics to handle immigration reform, gun legislation, religious freedoms, budgets, tax increases, you name it.

Join the fight.