Jesus is Better than Bacon Review of The Greener Grass Conspiracy

The Greener Grass Conspiracy

I recently completed reading Stephen Altrogge‘s The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence. I know I am supposed to write several long paragraphs and glowing review for this book, but I can’t. I’ve got to cut straight to the point. This book is wonderful! Friend, buy it and read it right now!

This book is written for Christians, but that isn’t to say non-Christians won’t benefit from this book. Everyone needs this book. Why? Because everyone suffers from and is part of the “Greener Grass Conspiracy.” What is that you ask? Trust me you know it well. You need a spouse, your job stinks, you want a new car, etc., and your life will be better when you get it right? Check back with me later. Trust me, there is always something more.

Altrogge writes, The problem is me. I am my own worst enemy. The raging, covetous, discontented desires come from within. They’re not the product of my circumstances, and the desires won’t be satisfied when circumstances change (p. 17).

So what grand solution or transformation is Altrogge promoting with this book? Just one thing: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, his life and death for the forgiveness of sins and the resurrection for our justification. Everything in this book is grounded in the Gospel and the finished work of Christ on behalf of discontented sinners like you and me.

Altrogge writes to a modern audience and draws upon his 1980s youth for many anecdotes. That said, his words are not watered down. He leans heavily upon Scripture. He quotes from the Puritans, Charles Spurgeon, and Randy Alcorn among others.

His creativity shines in the opening paragraphs of Chapter 5—The Kings Madness. In a great scene at Starbucks, Altrogge share’s a coffee with Sol, who, despite his riches, is miserable. The scene ends with:

“It’s vanity,” he said. “All of its vanity.” He then strode out the door toward his cherry-red Porsche with the custom plate that said KNG SLMN.

Reading the book, I couldn’t help but feel like Altrogge was speaking to me. He must have mentioned discontentment with your children (going to sleep, obedience, etc.) half a dozen times. Being convicted of you sin hurts. Yet each time he led me back to the cross to see what Christ has done on my behalf.

Again, I want to encourage you, my readers, to get this book. Learn to be content like Paul in Philippians 4. Learn to rest in the finished work of Christ. Learn to yearn for the life and age to come.

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