Derek Webb. Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome Derek Webb

Today is September 1 and that means that Derek Webb‘s new album “Stockholm Syndrome” is finally available.

There has been a buzz about the album on the web for months now. Ever since Derek’s first cryptic email/tweet/web site update back in May. Here is just a sample of what followed from this marketing genius. Who knows, maybe Derek will team up with Chris Anderson to write a follow up to Free.

As the stems were collected and story played out. Most of the buzz/controversy surrounds one song What Matters More and a few choice words. Hear for yourself on YouTube, because you won’t hear it on Christian radio and it is not on the album. Have a problem with the explicit words? The Bible doesn’t.

Some reviews you can use:

Stockholm Syndrome

So what about my thoughts you ask. I really like Derek’s new work (just look at . It is very different from his past work. I really enjoy The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum, What Matters More, and What You Give Up To Get It. Truth be told, there isn’t a song I don’t like.

Yes, the album is heavy on the Law (in the same vain as Jeremiah, to borrow from iMonk) and we all could stand to knocked down a bit. We are not righteous on our own. We are Crooked Deep Down. We all go astray, each and everyday.

So here is the remedy. We have a Savior who took our place and paid the price for our sins and our bondage to them. We need to repent and receive the forgiveness for sins that He alone offers. I am Thankful for the salvation I received.

Get Stockholm Syndrome today: