McKinney Cheerleaders / Fab Five Photos

This story does not want to die down.

Photobucket: The Fab Five, BFF

Incoming hits to my blog have exploded as thousands of you coming looking for the McKinney Cheerleaders. This morning Gordon Kieth of The Ticket fueled the fire with news of pictures of the Fab Five.

Thanks to Karissa, you can now see pictures at Flickr (mnhsfabfive2007) and Photobucket (Karissa_30).

Flickr: my favs at the clubbbb

my favs at the clubbbb. Originally uploaded by mnhsfabfive2007.

Wonder what the fuss is all about? Read excerpts from the report compiled by Harry Jones, a Dallas lawyer hired by the McKinney school district to investigate allegations of unequal discipline at McKinney North High School. The report is based on interviews with 75 school administrators, teachers, current and former coaches, students and parents, among others.

How long can it be now before the MySpace photos finally come out?

[Update: Looks like Gordon got the scoop from D Magazine’s FrontBurner who in turn got the 411 from gossip site With Leather]