6,298 spam emails

I just emptied my Outlook spam folder with a count of 6,298 emails. That is the number of spam email messages sent to my Teazzers email address between November 27, 2006 and today.

Information Week recently looked at the problems with email today in “Is There Anything That Can Be Done About E-Mail?

There’s something sinister about E-mail.

First, there’s its sheer quantity. The most recent research I’ve read estimates E-mail volume at almost 200 billion messages a day. That translates into every person on earth receiving more than 30 E-mail messages every day. (That being the case, I’m receiving more than my share.) Those are the kinds of numbers they throw around in Washington when they talk about the deficit or the shortfall in Social Security. I can imagine it as a biblical plague: And the earth was visited by 10 million locusts, 20 billion frogs, and 200 billion E-mails.

Wait, I forgot about spam, which represents a conservative 70% of that number. Spam I picture as the robot armies sent by the alien invaders, constantly reproducing, relentlessly advancing. And when I see the E-mails promoting Viagra, stock tips, and porn still getting through to my in-box, I realize my brave little corporate spam filter is fighting a valiant but losing battle.

What are your thoughts about email and the spam that sucks the life out of us all?